Guided reading can be so hard to wrap
your hands (and mind) around.  For the past
few months, I have been diligently working behind the scenes talking with other
teachers, organizing my own thoughts, and writing and writing and writing. LOL!
Over the next few months I will be
releasing tons and tons of materials to support small group reading instruction
and more!
The first pack (of many upcoming) is almost
like a “Guided Reading Light” pack. When creating this pack, I tried to keep in
mind the many road blocks teachers may encounter during guided reading: time,
organization of materials, lack of resources, and limited copies.
This pack is just for level K, but other packs will be released soon!
Although the school year maybe winding
down for you, NOW is the perfect time to start thinking about NEXT year. The
hustle and bustle of a new school year is overwhelming.  Begin thinking about how you can organize and
improve your instruction now.
How does this pack help YOU?
It will save you TIME. It will save time in planning, and
also in instruction.

This pack includes 8 printable guided
reading texts.  For each book there are
three days of lessons plans.  The lesson
plans are short and to the point.  The lessons
follow simple guided reading format. For example for Day One:
Text Activation
Introduction of the
Tricky words to
focus on
Setting the purpose
for students reading.
Students will
read and respond.
Discussion of the
It will help you

When I wrote this pack I tried to
think about how teachers could easily organize the resources so they could
access them easily. 
All the materials for ONE book will fit in a 4″ X 6″ photo case!
texts and all materials are purposely written to save paper and ink. Most pages
can be cut into fourths. This was done purposely. The materials for each text
fit perfectly in a 4” x 6” photo case. The Iris Photo Boxes from Michaels or
Amazon are a perfect way to store the materials. One case includes 16 photo
creating this set, I did this so one row of the case could contain all the
books included in one level. If the teacher chooses to implement this
organizational system, then only two Iris Photo Boxes can store ALL the
materials in the second grade level (J, K, L, and M).

You don’t have
to use a fancy box to organize them
! You can organize the materials anyway you chose. You can simply put
each set in a sandwich sized zip-lock bag! For easy storage, you can use any
Dollar Store plastic boxes to hold all the zip lock bags for each level!

It will provide
exactly what you need at your fingertips if you need MORE RESOURCES.

This pack includes 4 fiction and 4
nonfiction guided reading books. When added together, there are a total of 24
instructional days of materials in the pack. 
 According to the guided reading
expert Dr. Jan Richardson, the average student at these levels will gain about
one level a month.  This pack may be just
the right amount of materials for some of your students!
For each text, at least 2 graphic
organizers are provided for students to complete.  Every fiction text includes a beginning,
middle, and end graphic organizer.  Nonfiction
texts require students to summarize what the text is about and identify two
newly learned facts. Additional graphic organizers will depend on the mail focus of
each text.
It will save your
precious COPY COUNTS!

I know that copies and paper can be a
previous commodity in schools.  I wrote
these books so that they will use two sheets of paper. The books will be cut
down to be ¼ of a page, as will the lessons and all graphic organizers.
The last page DOES have questions for
the students to respond to. Students can write in the actual books OR teachers
can ask students to respond on white boards or paper and reuse the books from
year to year.
Does this sound like something you can
use in your classroom? Are you still not sure? 
To help you decide I am include one
book and all the supplemental materials FREE!
Just click below to grab it!
If you would like to get the GROWING bundle at a steal check out this!
Right now the bundle is only $30 and the Level K set is only $10.  I will be raising prices on Sunday, so make sure to grab it now for the Early Bird Pricing!

Mandy Gregory is a 2007 and 2012 Teacher of the Year. She has taught 4th, 3rd, and 2nd grade in both the general education and inclusion setting. She is the owner and creator of the Teaching Tips website ( and has over 10 years of experience. She is married with two beautiful children.

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